Every body is different and that is why I deliver personalised treatments unique to YOU and YOUR needs. I empower YOU as an individual to take charge of YOUR life and let go of any blocks that may be holding YOU back from obtaining lasting results. Isn't it time to live the life you DESERVE!?

Feeling like Life is a struggle?

Tired of always being tired?

Pain that just won’t go away?

Find out what is REALLY going on inside your body and how a few simple questions can transform your life!

Treating the cause of your condition rather than just the symptoms means lasting results. You are also empowered to know the real cause of your condition and the things that you can change in your life to help prevent the condition returning. I work not just on the physical level but also on the mental and emotional imbalances that are so often an integral part of the issue.

By focusing on finding and releasing the blocks that may be affecting your ability to move forward in life, I can support your body to be able to return to a stress- free state of balance and calm.

My aim and passion is to provide a holistic approach to health and assist you in creating the vibrant life you deserve.

I firmly believe in taking an integrative approach in implementing complementary treatment programmes to support and assist the building of a strong foundation for progressive health care for all my clients.

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In this hectic world we live in, most people have forgotten how to connect with themselves on a daily basis and are just moving from one busy part of life to another. This can lead to you feeling disjointed, overwhelmed, out of kilter, lost and sometimes not knowing where to look to put yourself back together.

Vital-flow Therapies will help you rejuvenate your Body, Mind and Soul.

“I’m blown away, Nayda has nailed things that I’ve been trying to pinpoint with other professionals for years! First day, no back twinge AND that is after a bad night with kids sick and being up in an armchair since 3:30am!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart xx”

– Lexi.C, Woodside