“I’m blown away, Nayda has nailed things that I’ve been trying to pinpoint with other professionals for years! First day, no back twinge AND that is after a bad night with kids sick and being up in an armchair since 3:30am!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart xx”

– Lexi.C, Woodside

“Nayda is wonderful! Feeling so much better after my sessions!”

– Amanda.S, Oakbank

“Simply the best. I am making 2015 my year to be good to me and doing that by being a regular with Nayda!”

– Jo.B, Nairne

“Nayda is that wonderful blend of intuition and empathy, learning and experience that makes a skilled practitioner. She worked with me patiently and intelligently, achieved results and left me with strategies for self management”

– Margaret. W, Lenswood

“I can’t speak highly enough of Nayda. She has changed my sons life. Admittedly I wasn’t familiar with Kinesiology but now seeing the changes in my son and how much happier he is I have never looked back. She is fantastic with children, speaks their language and is non-judgemental so they naturally warm to her. It’s not only her treatment that works but the education she provides, and he is taking it on board. Couldn’t be happier thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!”

– Deb.B, Nairne

“I had a treatment with Nayda at Vital-flow Natural Therapies yesterday. Her blend of Kinesiology and Bush flowers is working its magic in my life already. Various issues are shifting from what we addressed in the session and I am looking forward to my next appointment! Thank you Nayda!”

– Joan.C, Mt Barker

“I have been receiving treatments from Nayda for various health problems. The treatments have been extremely beneficial for me and have been carried out in a very concerned, caring, painless way and explained fully as to the procedure, applications and benefits. I have found Nayda to be exceptionally talented and a great communicator. The first session with muscle testing unearthed many problems. After the treatment I felt like a load had been lifted off my shoulders and I could run a marathon (but I didn’t). Over 30 years ago I injured my lower back and had operations, plus many physio visits that did not help for long. Also I was told I was a good candidate for knee replacement, but I decided against more hospital visits and I am glad I did. Nayda’s treatments for my arthritis in the knees, back, neck and shoulders have helped enormously. I also have macular degeneration in both eyes and regularly have Loscenta injections in them to hold the deterioration. After a treatment with Nayda on the worse affected eye, it had marginal improvement to my peripheral vision which helped me space the injection in that eye further apart. My eye specialist told me to keep doing whatever it was I was doing! Marvellous….a good result for me. Kinesiology has been of wonderful benefit to me and has given me a terrific insight into Natural Therapy and a way of stopping the use of so many pharmaceutical drugs, plus I feel more alive, agile and healthier for it.”

– Helen.C, Nairne

“Nayda has a great deal of emotional intelligence and I felt I was in a caring and safe environment at all times. I found the therapy very helpful and would highly recommend it. Thank you Nayda!

– Ralph.C, Balhannah