Your Bushflower session

What to expect

During a Bushflower consultation we will work with the Bushflower Insight Cards and discuss where you are feeling blocked in life to find the essences that best suit your personal situation and current issue.

These are not anything like Tarot cards and so will not predict your future or show visions of tall, dark strangers ;) What they CAN do is give you insight into what some of the underlying causes behind a current issue in your life may be. In other words show you what might have led to creating that issue in the first place. They may also bring some understanding to what you are currently feeling and show you some new outcomes that may be available to you if these things were to change or be let go of.

You will then get to take home your own personalised essence to help clear what is holding you back. The essences are taken orally twice a day for a minimum of two weeks for best results.

Sample Reading

In a 9 card spread of the Bushflower Insight cards we are looking at different levels of a current issue. (This particular reading was for a client who was feeling permanently exhausted and unable to move forward)

We can look at the underlying cause of the issue, the current expression of the issue on an emotional level and also how things may change on all levels once the original issue has been cleared.

I will then make up a personal blend of essences so you get to take the specific flowers that came up in the reading for you to help very gently but powerfully shift what has been blocking you and holding you back from the life you want.

What these flowers revealed in this particular case was that an underlying contributing cause was an imbalance in her connection to herself and her passion that was causing her energy to slump. By listening to others and getting overwhelmed with what she thought she "should" be doing with her life she was denying what she really wanted and this led to a drain in her energy which felt like a lack of motivation.

Once we uncovered this and linked it with a few other insights from the cards, my client was able to see how this had been blocking her and she could start to give herself permission to take some steps towards the dreams she had put aside for others. She felt stronger and more confident in her ability to do that and realised she needed to be less critical of herself and what she had already achieved so far.

My client left feeling more centred, grounded and focussed on what she needed to do next. The essences act as a support process to help shift the negative aspects and help the body achieve these positive outcomes.