Our mind is like a super computer yet we only access around 10% of it on a conscious level. Our subconscious contains all the information and knowledge we need to heal ourselves. In other words it knows exactly what’s wrong and how to fix it – but the problem is how do we access it?

Kinesiology taps into the true potential within us to find that all-important sense of balance and wellbeing. It stands apart from other types of health modalities due to its use of muscle testing to communicate with the body’s own healing intelligence.

Our bodies also contain electrical circuits just like a computer. These circuits link our organs to particular muscles of the body. Often our diets can have an effect on our organs and if this blows a circuit it can result in muscle pain. Did you know that that pain in your knee could be caused by too much ice-cream? Sounds ridiculous but the Gall Bladder is responsible for breaking down fats and when overloaded will short circuit the muscles attached to the knee – causing pain. Once we correct the Gall Bladder imbalance, the knee pain disappears.

Emotions are another form of energy that can get trapped within the body system affecting the surrounding tissues and organs and creating pain. By identifying and releasing this energy, clients are often amazed that their symptoms simply disappear.

We all have the ability to help ourselves and take responsibility for our lives, sometimes we just need help finding the right questions to ask.

Vital-flow Therapies will provide guidance and support, empowering you to take charge of your health and begin to live the vibrant life you know you deserve!

Kinesiology is a wonderful tool for reducing any stress in the body, whatever its cause and in re-patterning the brain; breaking any patterns of thought or behaviour that may be negatively affecting the body on a subconscious level and manifesting as emotional, mental or physical symptoms. It is a very important tool for positive change; assisting with providing stress reducing strategies, accessing new and positive ways of thinking and behaving and creating balance in all systems within the body.

Kinesiology is a complementary therapy that may be used alongside any other treatments or modalities and is based on the concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It uses a simple technique of muscle monitoring as well as other gentle exercises to quickly and easily help pinpoint areas of the body that are suffering from stress or pain. By using muscle monitoring we can ask the body what it needs so we can select the right tools for the specific issue and assist the body’s own healing processes to release those blockages, creating balance and calm.

To find out more about what happens in a session, check out Your Kinesiology Session or the FAQ's page

Kinesiology is a wonderful tool that can help you to:

Relieve chronic or acute pain

Release emotional, mental and physical stress

Relieve muscular and nervous disorders

Correct hormonal and digestive imbalances

Assist with learning and behavioural difficulties

Improve sports or personal performance

Clear allergies, depression, anxiety and phobias

Improve chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia

Take control of addictions and weight management

Plus much, much more…..

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