Animal Care

Animals have emotions too! Just like us, their behaviour is linked to experiences in the past that may have caused emotions to get trapped in their body creating stress. They have a lot of the same concerns with issues of abandonment, rejection, anxiety and sadness that humans do it is just a lot harder for them to communicate that to us. It is also difficult for them to express pain or discomfort in their physical bodies and so that often shows up as aggressive or disruptive behaviour.

Using kinesiology we can find out what issues are affecting your pet, either physical or emotional and correct them using a unique combination of techniques that are very gentle and relaxing for them.

New Vital-flow range of essences specifically for pets, using the unique Australian Bush Flower essences.

Calm canine, Content Cat and Happy Horse now available. Other pet varieties and specific health or behavioural issues on request. Help your pet feel good again naturally!

With qualifications in Veterinary Nursing as well as many Natural Therapeutic Modalities I am able to offer individual solutions specific to your pets needs.

I work predominantly with horses and dogs, however all pets are welcome.

To book in a Kinesiology session for your pet please call me direct on 0439685842 to discuss your needs.

*Call out fees apply