About Me

Hi my name is Nayda. I have been working with Complementary Therapies for over 15 years and I am passionate about helping people achieve balance and vibrant health in their own lives.

This came about after my own personal experiences with health issues and that of both of my children who (although gratefully assisted) were unable to be fully helped via the Western medical system available.

I then began my own healing journey of discovery which has led to me learning and becoming qualified in a multitude of therapies and modalities.

I am a Registered Specialised Kinesiology Practitioner, Advanced Australian Bushflower Practitioner, Reiki Master, and Kahuna Bodyworker. I also have skills in CranioSacral Therapy, EFT, TAT, LEAP and various other acronyms!

I specialise in *Pain & Stress Management * Behavioural & Learning Difficulties *Women’s Issues and Infertility and *Emotional Support & Wellbeing. Private Health rebates may apply depending on your cover.

My aim and passion is to provide a holistic approach to health and assist you in creating the vibrant life you deserve. By focusing on finding and releasing physical and emotional blocks that may be affecting your ability to move forward in life, I can support your body to be able to return to a state of balance and calm.

When our bodies, hearts and minds are more integrated we can deal with stress much better and overcome dis-ease in the body. If you suffer from stress, aches/pains, learning/behavioural difficulties, hormonal or digestive issues, depression/anxiety, fatigue, allergies, relationship difficulties, weight management issues or any other imbalance, at Vital-flow Therapies I can provide guidance and support, empowering you to take charge of your health and happiness.

I firmly believe in taking an integrative approach in providing complementary treatment programmes to support and assist the building of an ongoing foundation in progressive health for all of my clients. My friendly, caring and approachable nature ensures my rapport with children and adults, is quickly established. I welcome new clients and the opportunity to assist you and/or your child to reach their optimal well being and potential.

Nayda Fitzgerald

Registered Specialised Kinesiologist

Reiki Practitioner (Master)

Australian Bushflower Therapist (Advanced Level 2)

Kahuna Bodyworker (Level 3)

Email: support@vital-flow.com.au


Instagram: @vitalflow