Your KaHuna Session

What happens in a session?

Your comfort is of the most importance. We will take a few minutes to discuss your needs and set an intention for your body to begin to work towards. Some examples may be letting go of something that is not working for you, gaining more clarity on a decision you need to make, finding direction in your life or releasing pain or emotions that may be holding you back.

The session begins with you facedown on the bodywork table. Oil is applied and a dynamic flowing rhythmical motion is performed over the body. All bodywork techniques and moves are applied with Qi (chi) energy. During the session, long rhythmical strokes are applied to the body, using the therapists body weight, movement and breath to allow the clients body to reorganise itself energetically on a cellular level - something that does not happen with therapeutic and remedial massage. This means that when you receive a Kahuna Bodywork session you are reaping the benefits of physical pain relief and relaxation, as well as a deeper realignment on emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Because of this, Kahuna Bodywork has been described as ‘a body based psycho spiritual transformation’ as it skips the busy mind and enters the body allowing the wisdom of our multifaceted beings to come forward. The soft part of the forearm is used for the long sweeping motions, which encourages cell communication, and synchronisation of the heartbeat and breath almost immediately. A relaxed and pain free state is maintained through out the session.

Deeper work may involve specific focus and deep point pressure using leverage to release muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joint movement techniques. Elbows, knuckles and fingers may be used for deeper work where necessary or requested.

Healing music will be a part of the session. Breathing slow and deep will allow your body to relax more and let go. You may experience a deep release of emotion and the sacred space provided will allow for that to shift and healing to occur. All emotions are welcomed. I pride myself in always providing a safe, nurturing and non judgmental environment and all sessions are 100% confidential.

Both the front and the back of the body are balanced and treatments can be either 60min, 90 min or 120 mins in length.

What do I wear?

Because of the long flowing strokes, and dance like movements, KaHuna is best performed without underwear. You will be draped respectfully with a modesty towel and a sarong throughout the session. However, your comfort and ability to relax is most important, so underwear may be worn if preferred and worked around. Oil is used so please be aware this may leave a residue on your garments.

How will I feel after a Ka Huna session?

Every body will respond differently. As your energy has shifted you may have a feeling of peace and calm, you may feel totally energised or you may feel a little flat and exhausted. Remember your body is shifting and changing to return to balance and sometimes that can feel a little uncomfortable! Drink plenty of water to help flush out the toxins that have been released from the bodies' cells and give yourself plenty of rest and reflection time. I would suggest journalling what comes up for you over the next 7 days.

Your skin will feel amazing and so will you!