Energy Clearing

Feel like you are always rushing and reacting to life?

Do you wish you had a retreat to come home to?

Treat yourself to living in a home that supports you and supports you to support your family. Time to reset your home so that you can recharge!

We will help create the haven you will enjoy coming home to. You can reset your mindset when you choose to reset the energy space you return to.

The easy way to create some healthy space in your life. We will clean as well as clear your house energy.

Cleaning using only natural products.

Clearing using light, colour, sound, vibration, meditation, diffused essential oils, bushflower essences, intention, invocation and crystal grids.

You choose the mood you are looking for!

Creation of prayer / meditation / sacred spaces are also available.

Regular cleans with only occasional clearings are also available for when there is unexpected disharmony or periods of intense stress.

Total reset!

Visit (coming soon) for more information and to create your personalised reset!

To book in a Cleaning and/or Clearing for your home please call me direct on 0439685842 to discuss your specific needs.